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Group of Friends

Memory Snip

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capture your memories one snippet at a time

Remember your life,
record your past,
share your history

Remembering the good times..

Fun with Snow

capture your life events as they happen or retrospectively as you and others remember them

  one snippet at a time  

recalling past events...

Quality Time

create stories, capture images and share your memories

  one snippet at a time  

and reminiscing with friends...

Camp Fire at Night

include your friends and family, share and reminisce

 one snippet at a time  

Reconnect with your memories...

Thinking of Ideas

Life is a journey, its a series of events, occasions, and connections, don’t let them be lost to time

maybe its a huge sporting event...

Sport Stadium

where you saw history made and drama played

or a special family occasion

Wedding Celebration

where generations came together and connections made

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